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Born out of the merging of two long-established and trusted supplier brands, Engineering Cutting Tools and BTS Industrial, Wolfmach is a dynamic family and totally New Zealand owned company that can trace its roots back to 1988. Our stated mission is to increase the tooling efficiency of our customers by providing quality tools and machinery, backed up by expert knowledge and experience and combined with a genuine desire to see our customers benefit from their dealings with us.

When you purchase machinery or tooling from Wolfmach, what do you get? You're not just buying a machine, or a tool. You are buying the whole package – a package which consists of not only the product, but of expertise, top shelf quality, comprehensive accessories and unrivalled cradle-to-grave backup, all delivered with the exemplary Wolfmach service ethic. Our team is constantly researching innovative new methods and products with the goal of providing our clients with a distinct economic advantage over the life time of their Wolfmach product or service.

In spite of ever changing economic dynamics, Wolfmach has continued to expand, grow and explore new frontiers, because of its entrenched reputation for quality, integrity, and loyalty to its clients. We sincerely hope that our new product & service overview will enable you to gain even greater access to the benefits of working with us

Wolfmach - facilitating people to make great stuff out of wood & non-ferrous products.

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