About Wolfmach

Increasing your tooling efficiency

The Company

Our mission is to support the growth of NZ manufacturing by making world-class tooling solutions readily & easily available to our customers, and to assist young businesses to get off the ground.

We are particularly passionate about helping you increase your workshop tool efficiency, and thus the efficiency and success of your whole organization.

We dig deep into your individual workshop needs, and make tailored recommendations to ensure you are getting the best tool mileage your dollar can buy.


Our values: our guide to serving our customers

1)  We do it perfect, we do it fast

2)  We genuinely do the best thing for those we serve

3)  We share helpful knowledge to our customers & colleagues

4)  We are reliable – to our customers & colleagues

5)  We embrace and drive change

6)  We support continuous learning


A New Zealand company with global support:

We are a totally family and New Zealand owned company, and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our head office and main logistics hub is located centrally in Wanganui, NZ and we have personnel dedicated to traveling the country from as far north as Whangarei all the way down to Bluff. The central logistics location allows almost a full nationwide freight reach within 24 hours, giving an optimum service to both the main centres and provinces of the country.

Our products are sourced locally and internationally from companies at the top of their technology game – whatever it takes to bring you the most efficient tooling, we go there!  Our major suppliers are located mainly in Europe, with lesser amounts sourced from the USA, our Australian cousins, and Asia.


Our Management Team

Nick Forrest

Director & CFO

Robert Forrest

Director & Sales

Karl Hoyle

General Manager

Ian Hollins